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Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets

Herndon Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 4:47PM

2018 Tryouts



Coaching Staff

Varsity Head Coach: Guillermo Tolaba

(703) 576-2120

JV Head Coach: Omar Gonzales

Goalkeeper's Coach: Aidan Vigil

Assistant Coach: John Grizzard

Assistant Coach: Rodrigo San Jose Collantes


Length of Tryout Period

February 19th to February 23th
Monday 19th:

* 9-10:30am for 9th and 10th graders at Herndon HS Stadium Field

* 10:30am-12pm for 11th and 12th graders at Herndon HS Stadium Field                               

Tuesday 2/20th to Friday 2/23rd:

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Hutchinson Turf Field

If fields are closed due to snow, Tryouts will take place in the Gym at HHS. For indoor tryouts players need indoor shoes or tennis shoes and dress warmly as some exercises will be performed on the track.

Cuts will be made Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Each player will personally be addressed by a member of the coaching staff as to their status in the program.

Criteria Used to Select the Team

All juniors and seniors must try out for Varsity, as well as any underclassman that are suggested to try out by the coaching staff. Seniors who do not make the Varsity squad will be cut. If a junior does not make the Varsity squad, he will be placed on the JV squad at the coaching staff’s discretion.

Freshman and sophomores will be trying out for JV squad unless told otherwise.

Number of Players to be selected (subject to change)

Varsity: 22

JV: 22-24

Practice Commitments if a Student Makes the Program

Players are expected to be at all practices and games from the start of the season on.

Practices: Monday - Friday 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Hutchison Turf (subject to change)

Any conflicts with practices must be discussed with coaches prior to tryouts.

Players must attend every game, no exceptions.

Eligibility Requirements

Must be passing 5 classes. Players will be put on probation and placed in mandatory study hall until grades are raised.

A student is not permitted to participate in tryouts while serving an out of school suspension. Local school extracurricular participation policies are in effect.

All forms must be turned into the Athletic Trainers' Office than February 16th. Coaches will receive a list of eligible players Friday, Feb 16thafter School.  If student is not on the eligible list, he will not be able to tryout unless he receives a signed permission from the athletic trainer. 

Required Forms include: physical exam (with health insurance information included), emergency card, participation policy form, and concussion test.

Tryouts are open and available to all students that meet the VHSL eligibility criteria.

If a student is going to miss tryouts due to extenuating circumstances, e.g., extended sport season, sickness, injury, or another compelling reason, he must have prior approval of the coaching staff and the director of students’ activities (DSA).

Students planning on trying out please fill up this form to help the Athletic Training personnel file your documents/forms.
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