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11 months ago by Jelaire Grillo

Spring Physicals at HHS

HHS Spring Fling Physicals will take place on Thursday, May 18th and will be valid for all summer conditioning/workouts and all of school year 2017-18. Athletes can NOT participate in any team events for next year without a valid physical after May 1st.

Physicals include additional screenings for flexibility and strength- information will be given to all attendees on how to improve “problem” areas to help to prevent injuries.

This is our big fundraiser for the year- it helps fund all the supplies (Band-Aids, gloves, gauze, ice bags, rehab equipment, etc.) we need to take care of our student-athletes. Please come and support the cause! If you can't make it to HHS, check out one of our neighboring schools- a full calendar of dates can be viewed at the link below.

We promise that everything (assuming a healthy physical from the doctor- if they refer you on for something specific, that’s for your child’s safety and needs to be addressed) on your physical paperwork will be complete and ready to go- leaving the easy school/team paperwork to be done before the first practice.

Physicals are $50 and by appointment only- walk in appointments will be on a first come, first serve availability if time allows, there are no guarantees a walk in will be seen. To be ensured an appointment, schedule one now at

We can accept cash or check- no credit cards- the night of physicals.

We are also accepting parent and/or medical volunteers- if you are interested in helping, please sign up through the same link!

Thanks again for your continued support of our Hornet Student-Athletes!

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