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Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets


Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets

Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets

Athletic Training

Team Files.

The Athlete's Plate

Visual reminder of what an athlete's plate should look like on various training and competition days

Eating for Top Performance Nutrition Checklist

Find out what you're doing right and what needs to be improved

Eating Frequency

Helps determine how often during the day you should eat

Sports Foods & Drinks- When to Use Them

Gives tips on the best timing for optimal use of sports drinks and snacks

Eating on the Road

Ideas for restaurants, hotels, and snacks to eat while on the road

Navigating the Concession Stand

Tips for Making Healthy Choices at Concession Stands

Best Fast Food Choices

Tips to choose the best meals when eating on the go

Competition Day Nutrition

Offers great examples of what to eat on game days

The Carbohydrate Committment

Gives specific examples of when (pre-, during, post- exercise) to consume carbohydrates for optimal performance

Weight Gain: Building Muscle & Strength

Tips on how to gain weight and increase muscle mass in a healthy way

Reading Nutrition Labels

What to look for and avoid when choosing foods

Nutrition Facts: Fact vs Myth

True or False- test your knowledge!

Vegetarian Eating for Athletes

Special tips for athlete who don't eat meat

Tips for Gluten Sensitive Athletes

Special tips for those with gluten allergies/sensitivities

Be sure to check out the General Files page for additional files.
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