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5 months ago

2020 Herndon Varsity Girls Soccer - Senior Spotlight


From her family:

Kristina wore the number two on the field and she played outside mid and outside defense. She started playing when she was just five and has been playing and loving it for the past 13 years. In the fall she will be attending Roanoke College where she plans to major in Biology. Being a part of HHS soccer has meant a lot to her, she learned that she needed to work hard and have perseverance to achieve the things she wanted to achieve. Her favorite soccer memory was when the girls would play World Cup, it was a fun time to say the least.

From Coach Paul:

“Kristina was an inspiration for all of her teammates.  As a Junior she made the Varsity Soccer team and worked extremely hard to earn a starting position with a few games to go in the regular season.  Unfortunately, she suffered a major injury to her knee soon after.  It took surgery and many months of rehab before making it all the way back to the soccer field.  Kristina was poised to be a major part of our 2020 team before our season was prematurely cancelled.  I will always remember the determination and effort Kristina played with every day.”

Fellow senior teammates’ thoughts about Kristina:

“Easy going, worked so hard to rehab for season, up to any challenge, positive.”





From her family:

Kyleigh Mendoza, co-captain, forward and wing #18, has been on the Herndon High School Varsity team since her freshman year and has been playing soccer for over 12 years. In the fall, Kyleigh will be attending Virginia Tech and will be majoring in engineering. HHS soccer has been a big part of Kyleigh's life for the past 4 years and is very sad to see it taken away from her so soon. She has grown as a person and a player by being a part of this team, her leadership started her junior year and was looking forward to guiding the Hornets in her final season. Her favorite memory was winning the HHS girls soccer team's first playoff game in 15 years and beating South Lakes her freshman year. 

From Paul:

“In the early spring of 2017 Kyleigh showed up to one of our last conditioning days.  By the end of that session, without even kicking a ball, I had multiple senior players and Coach Amy telling me that we have to find a Varsity roster spot for Kyleigh.  Once we actually got the soccer balls out Kyleigh did not disappoint.  And, she continued to make a major impact for all 4 years on Varsity.  As a senior she took on a greater leadership role, and was a positive role model for our very young 2020 team.”

Thoughts about Kyleigh from her senior teammates:

“Heart of the team, fast as the flash, ambitious, great teammate.”






From her family:

#9, Striker – “I have been playing since the second grade, I’m headed to JMU in the fall, high school  soccer meant making connections and friends with people at school.”

From Paul:

“I was really looking forward to working with Valerie this season.  After not making the team as a Junior I was not sure she was going to try-out her senior year.  I was very pleased to offer her a spot this season.  She certainly earned her place and showed great determination and character during tryouts and preseason.”  

Thoughts from fellow senior teammates about Valerie:

“Dependable, hardworking, kind, positive.”








From her family:

Jersey #:  14

Position:   Defensive wing

Plans for Fall: Virginia Tech

What HHS Soccer meant to her:  “HHS soccer has impacted me so much and has been such a huge part of my high school experience. It taught me leadership, perseverance, and commitment. It has also encouraged me to make goals for myself on and off the field which helped me a lot throughout the years. 

Favorite memory:  “I really appreciate all of the relationships i have with every person in the girls’ soccer program. I have many great memories from Herndon soccer but overall what comes to my mind the most when i think of the best moments is celebrating goals/wins with my teammates on the field. The burst of happiness is what pumps me up and encourages me to keep fighting in a game. HHS soccer has meant so much to me. I am so happy with all the girls on the team this year and am very sad to have not gotten to experience the rest of the 2020 spring season with them.” 

From Paul:

“Lauryn only knows one way to play soccer.  Lauryn plays with maximum effort, fearless energy, and supreme competitiveness.  And, that doesn’t even touch how intelligent she is both on and off the field.  On top of all that Lauryn is also thoughtful, kind, and compassionate.  Best of luck at VA Tech.

Thoughts about Lauryn from her senior teammates:

“Unmatched effort, leader, determined, gives everything.”





From her family:

Abigail has played all four years with the Herndon High School Varsity team as an attacking midfielder and forward wearing the #10 jersey. Herndon High School soccer has given her a lot of great memories from team practices, dinners, and most importantly – games. Abbie has been playing soccer since she was six years old, and it has always been her passion to play at the highest level possible. She will be attending University of Lynchburg in fall 2020 and will play for the women’s soccer team.


From Paul:

“As first impressions go, I think Abbie Little might have had the most impressive.  As a Freshman she blew me away with her technical ability and poise under pressure.  She had an immediate impact on the program and had continued excellence throughout her career at Herndon.  Abbie grew and matured from a talented Freshman to a smart, passionate, funny, and fantastic leader.  I am sure she will have the same positive impact at Lynchburg.”

Thoughts about Abbie from her fellow senior teammates: 

“Fun, insane foot skills, quiet leader, motivated.”
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