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Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets

Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets

Herndon Athletics

Home of the Fighting Hornets

Hall of Fame

Class 2023 Nominations are now being accepted.

 Hall of Fame nominations can now be submitted for the class of 2023 and will be voted on in November of 2022.   Nominations are good for 5  years.  We have not had an induction into the HHS Hall of Fame since 2019, so now is the time so submit nominations.

Click on link below to submit nominations:

2019 Hall of Fame Members Announced 

The Herndon Athletic Department is proud to announce the Herndon High Athletic Hall of Fame, Class of 2019. To gain induction into the Hall of Fame 70% of the committees vote are needed. An athlete must have graduated 10 years ago,and coaches/administrators must  no longer be working working in their position.

Class of 2019


Maria Hayden - Gymnastics 2010

Abe Dagnachew - Cross-Country & Track 2007


2003 Girls Cross-Country AAA State Champions

Class of 2017


Arash Alizedeh - Wrestling 1992

Ted Brewer - Gymnastics 1978

Ernie Brunson - Track & Field, Football 1983

Tom Huminik - Track and Field 1985

Ted Jackson - Football, Basketball, Baseball 1976

Brian Lamb - Football 1994

Nate Larkin - Baseball 2002

Jimmy McLaughlin - Swimming 2006


Gary Hall - Boys Basketball Coach, 1990-2007 &  2013-2016


1986 Boys Soccer State Championship Team

Class of 2016


Kevin Meyers - Pole Vault 1972

Melissa Kulp Bibbee - Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer - 1993

Kalombo Kalombo - Football - 1994

Beth Bridger - Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball - 1998

Ryan Hall - Football, Track, Soccer - 1999

Heather Fisher - Cross Country, Track - 2004

Scottie Reynolds - Basketball - 2006 (McDonalds' All-American)


Lisa Lombardozzi - Booster Club Volunteer


1977 Boys Gymnastics Team


Class of 2015

Blair Dehart- Baseball 1996

Jeremiah Johnson- Basketball 1995

Suzie Telleysh- Basketball 1986

Matt Gallagher- Wrestling 1998

Kristen Hart- Cross Country 2004


Renee Beerman- Athletic Trainer


Boys Track & Field Team- 1965,1966,1967


Class of 2014


Ashwell, Jim- Football, Basketball, Baseball- 1947

Butler, Bill- Baseball- 1965

Cale, Anne- Track- 1977

Dehaven, Kyle- Basketball, Soccer- 2003

Dodson, Randy- Boys Basketball- 1994

Eddy, Skye- Soccer, Track, Cross Country- 1989

Forrest, Chris- Football, Track- 1983

Fox, Carl- Football, Boys Basketball, Track- 1966

Gilmore, Kerri- Basketball, Tennis- 1987

Grant, Kevin- Football, Track- 2004

Griffith, Don- Football, Wrestling- 1982

Griffith, Greg- Football, Soccer- 1986

Guyer, Brandon- Baseball, Football- 2004

Hamlin Mangold, Therese- Swim, Field Hockey- 1975

Johnson, Ann- Basketball- 1979

Johnson, Barry- Football, Basketball, Soccer- 1986

Johnson, Carrie- Field Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Track- 2002

Kalombo, Luteke- Basketball- 1991

Lange, Alexa- Cross Country- Track- 1990

Miller, Greg- Baseball, Football- 1997

Moody, Keith- Football, Basketball, Baseball- 1986

Newsom, Marty- Boys Gymnastics- 1988

Noble, Merritt- Gymnastics- 1996

Rueffert, Mark- Baseball, Basketball- 1997

Sabo, Chris- Wrestling- 1993

Sanders, Scott- Gymnastics- 1977

Smith, Robyn- Basketball, Soccer- 1991

Steeper, Danny- Football, Basketball, Soccer- 1994

Thompson, Alan- Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Track- 1967

Thompson, Rasheed- Cross Country/Track- 2003

Trakas Clark, Emily- Swim- 1996

Troxell, Megan- Swim- 1987

Zakrzewski, Eric- Wrestling- 2003


Comini, Mike- Gymnastics

Griffitts, Joe- Football, DSA

LeDane Ruth- ADSA

Mack, Scott- Soccer, Football

Mahoney, Mike- Cross Country, Track, DSA

McCullock, Alan- Baseball, Football

Pukal, Lou- DSA

Sabo, Steve- Wrestling

Smith, Joe- Swim

Spinnenweber Karl- Wrestling


1951 Boys Basketball Team- (First State Championship at Herndon High School)